Thomas Craig

The Naked Mole-rat genome resource

Naked Mole-rat genome resource homepage

The Naked Mole-rat Genome resource is a portal containing research conducted on the Naked Mole-rat. Its audience is primarily other researchers working on ageing and cancer and so follows a similar structure to most other large biologist friendly sites.

Naked Mole-rat genome resource search results page

The results page allows futher filtering and highlights the best matches or when a result is a part of another, important due to the heirarchical nature of the biological information. The search itself is itself done through an elasticsearch backend, partly to give the ability to do complex searches but mainly just due to the huge amount of information to search.

Naked Mole-rat genome resource details genome browser integration

The details pages integrate a third-party genome browser directly into it which provides a visual look at the information.

Naked Mole-rat genome resource details page

The details page also provides a much more detailed look at the infromation on the specific genes it matches including links to external resources rather then duplicating their contents.

Naked Mole-rat genome resource anatomical blast search page

As part of the project I developed an entierly new front end for the BLAST+ suite of programs due to lack of one that functioned effectivly. It sends the query to the executable and parses the XML returned, presented in a similar fashion to the how the standalone application presents results.

Naked Mole-rat genome resource blast search results page

The application itself is written in Python and is a sperate package available on GitHub so it can be integrated into other sites.