Thomas Craig


LibAge homepage

The LibAge site is actually the front end to a bibliographic referencing system developed to better integrate the various websites in our group and highlight the connections between references entries.

LibAge search results page

Search results are simpler than usual, only presenting the reference, the number of citations and tags (from the MeSH tags in PubMed) so people can see what the paper was about. Search is provided using Apache Solr and allows for complex queries to quickly produce results.

LibAge result details page

Details pages provide entries that cited the paper with a link to the entry in the database.

LibAge dynamic graphing interface

Different sources are highlighted in different colours so it is easier to differentiate each of the databases.

LibAge anatomical model

Integrating the database and a search index allows for tools such as cross referencing authors and any tags on the papers they're in without having to write complex queries.