Thomas Craig

Human Ageing Genomic Resources

Human Ageing Genomic Resources homepage

The Human Ageing Genomic Resources site is a collection of various databases and resources for ageing. In this case I took over the existing structure and did a major overhaul of the design and layout, making it consistent, much more accessible and improving the navigation considerably. It is developed in collaboration with the original developer and myself through Git.

Human Ageing Genomic Resources search results page

The detail pages where made much more readable while a standard top and left navigation where added to allow navigation both around the site and within specific databases. Before this existed some page where accessible only as in-text links on specific pages and it was difficult to navigate between databases.

Human Ageing Genomic Resources result details page

Much like in the Digital Ageing Atlas the databases have been tied into the LibAge bibliographic database. The databases also link to each other if a gene or similar gene is present.

Human Ageing Genomic Resources dynamic graphing interface

The main navigation occurs across all pages in the site and links together all of the resources. Taking the form of a "mega dropdown" it allows for searching all databases from within the menu along with descriptive information for those who might not be aware of what each database does.

Human Ageing Genomic Resources anatomical model

The LongevityMap database also includes dynamically generated images based on chromosomal searches, linking specific areas of a chromosome to an entry.