Thomas Craig

The Digital Ageing Atlas

This is the first major project I was hired for. It has gone through a number of iterations since then and this represents the last one before I handed over to a new team.

The Digital Ageing Atlas homepage

The Digital Ageing Atlas is a respository of ageing related changes for access by biologists, therefore has a simple, easy to navigate interface.

The Digital Ageing Atlas search results page

The search results page presents key information to the user which coupled with the filtering system this allows users to quickly find the information they want. The search can quickly be exported to CSV or saved for later analysis.

The Digital Ageing Atlas result details page

The details page provides more detailed information than the results page, cross linking the different objects in the database along with fetching references from an external service, LibAge.

The Digital Ageing Atlas dynamic graphing interface

Saved results can be graphed against each other providing some basic analysis capabilities.

The Digital Ageing Atlas anatomical model

An alternative form of searching is to use the anatomical model. This uses a combination of SVG and Javascript to give clickable targets of the different organs for both mouse and human.

The Digital Ageing Atlas curator interface

The Digital Ageing Atlas also acts as a hub for the Human Ageing Genomic Resources databases, tying them together in a customised version of the Django admin interface. Specifically for the DAA a whole new interface was constructed for assembling relationships between changes.